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Track: Doe Deer
Artist: Crystal Castles
Album: Crystal Castles (II)




The Breakfast Club (1985)


Courtney Love talks about Axl Rose after having performed a cover of Paradise City with her band Hole in Canada, 1999.

Vogue Italy, 1997 - by Steven Meisel

Track: Plague
Artist: Courtney Love
Album: America's Sweetheart


I will wait for you
But I won’t wait very long
I will wait for you
And when you bore me
I’ll be gone
I will cheat on you
I will fuck you up
It’s just in my nature baby
There ain’t nothin’ I can do to stop
Here comes the rain

Pic: Kurt & Courtney Sep. 1992 by Guzman
Interviewer by Everett True October 92
Melody Maker magazine


Do you feel poisoned by Courtney, Kurt?

"By Courtney, or by Courtney’s stigma?" he replies. "Poisoned by… the whole f***ed-up misconception of our relationship. Everyone seems to think that we couldn’t possibly love each other, because we’re thought of as cartoon characters, because we’re public domain. So the feelings that we have for each other are thought of as superficial."

"It’s not everybody that thinks that, though," Courtney adds. "It’s a couple of has-been, pontificating, male rock stars and, mostly, women who work in the American music industry. I think that’s because, in the early Eighties, if you were a woman and you wanted to play music, there was a real slim chance you would succeed. So a lot of women who wanted to empower themselves within rock without being self-loathing joined the music industry - and these are some of the most vicious women I know.

"I’ve heard industry women talking about how horrible L7 are, I’ve heard industry women talking about how unattractive PJ Harvey is, which is ridiculous… I just think these powerful women have this real competitive, jealous nature which manifests itself like this. And when I married Kurt, they went into overload.

"It’s insane, this real complex issue… It’s an attempt to create something out of nothing - the whole superstar thing. They at least try to take away my intellect, and take away my ethics, and create…"


Hole performs Asking For It in Canada, 1999.


kurt, courtney, frances cobain at 1993 MTV Music Awards 

Track: Lady Of The Flowers
Artist: Placebo
Album: Placebo

excuse me
I apologize
he likes your attitude, he tries it on for size
he spends the afternoon, between your thighs
how’s that for gratitude
I apologize

She wears her tears on her blouse
Confused and racked with self-doubt
She stole the keys to my house
and then she locked herself out.